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Our Personal Health Services

Functional Restoration Programme

An education and exercise based rehabilitation programme to help you to improve your function and manage persistent pain more effectively. The programmes are run over a period of several weeks and involve you both talking through your pain and using graded exercise to improve your function.

The programme is held in small groups; current evidence suggests that the combined approach delivered on the programme and group delivery often results in better outcomes in managing persistent pain. The group setting allows exploration and learning from others who are experiencing similar issues. Each week, different topics and techniques are covered to improve and manage your pain issue. Exercise sessions enable trying out of activities that cause concern and learning how best to return to activity.

For some individuals, the group programme is not suitable, therefore we also offer this service on a one to one basis.


Our experienced team of chartered physiotherapists will ensure you are mobile and pain-free again in the shortest time possible – aiming to resolve the symptoms of any injury while also treating the underlying cause. By examining all areas that impact health including activity, diet and mental health we prevent recurrence by enabling you to return to everyday tasks, hobbies and exercise activities.

From assessment and diagnosis to treatment, management and rehabilitation, we offer a complete solution for a wide range of musculoskeletal issues including back, neck and joint pain, sports injuries and surgical rehabilitation. Treatment plans might include home exercise programmes, strength and conditioning, manual therapy, electrotherapy or acupuncture.

We believe addressing the underlying causation as well as the immediate problem


Nutrition consultations examine how food and your diet influences body function, the protection against disease and restoration of health and will collect information about your current health and past medical history to set health goals.

Recommendations and plans are delivered to move you forward in achieving goals which fit in with you and your lifestyle and follow-ups will be offered if appropriate to ensure support is available to help you reach your goal.

Information / recipes/ research articles are provided related to their condition after the consultation.

Corrective exercise programmes

Immediate access to longer term rehabilitation programmes for injury to the knee, hip, back or ankle as a result of e.g. sports injury or following an operation. These programmes are also relevant following the identification of movement issues or for the prevention of future sports injury and are designed to correct muscle imbalances and restore optimal function.

Corrective exercise programmes are sometimes delivered in conjunction with physiotherapists when appropriate for rehabilitation and consist of analysis of muscle imbalances, the examination of the person as a whole and any other health factors the design of bespoke programmes. Programmes can include strength and conditioning exercises, stretching, self-management of exercises and coaching elements. Nutrition adequacy is examined and diets recommended to support optimal training and recovery.

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